Outfit // May 25

image1 (8).JPGOveralls, Forever21, $45.90  | White Bodysuit, Forever21, $14.99 | Chucks, Foot Locker, $69 | BCBG Vegan Quilted Leather Bag, Nordstrom Rack, $65.97

Casual picture for a casual outfit. Not so sure what’s so funny on the ground…in any case, any outfit that is comfortable is a win in my books these days.   Continue reading

Make the Most out of your Wardrobe: Capsule Staples

Like everyone, I am always happy when I find an awesome clothing item on sale or when I can put an amazing outfit together without needing to buy anything new. As a Mom on maternity leave, it is important to live on a budget in order to keep from living on a diet of ramen noodles and make sure your baby has (clean) diapers. Even not being on leave, everyone should try to make the most of what they already have – save your money for a great purse or for a trip to the Carribean that you really need because you havent been on a trip in years and you need to relax because you’re a ball of stress and…well, you get it.

Photo: Hello Fashion Blog – Follow on IG: @hellofashionblog Continue reading