Make the Most out of your Wardrobe: Capsule Staples

Like everyone, I am always happy when I find an awesome clothing item on sale or when I can put an amazing outfit together without needing to buy anything new. As a Mom on maternity leave, it is important to live on a budget in order to keep from living on a diet of ramen noodles and make sure your baby has (clean) diapers. Even not being on leave, everyone should try to make the most of what they already have – save your money for a great purse or for a trip to the Carribean that you really need because you havent been on a trip in years and you need to relax because you’re a ball of stress and…well, you get it.

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Awesome Vegan Bags for Summer

There are so many amazing, fun bags out there for every occasion this season. I’m loving the white, taupe and light pastels for bags this Summer…not only because they are super cute, but because the neutral hues allow the purses to be worn with a variety of different outfits. Here are 5 amazing (vegan!) bags that you will want to add to your roster for this Summer.

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