THE SITE The goal of our blog is to provide you with an honest, no-bs site. Claws. As we begin to build out and beef up (veggie, please) our site, you’ll find posts about home design (a whole house, in fact), product reviews (not only the good stuff, but the crappy stuff as well), seasoned with a dash of fashion and beauty goodness.  Products we intend on reviewing will vary from children’s essentials to makeup to household cleaners. Nothing we feature will be ridiculously overpriced or out of reach – if you find something you like, it won’t break the bank.

Since everyone has different interests, the reason why we wanted to create this site is to give you a buffet of today’s relevant and most talked-about lifestyle topics that you can pick and choose from. If you’re interested in children’s products but couldn’t care less about vegan lifestyle, cool. Stick around. Maybe you’re about to redo your living room and need some encouragement? We’ll have that too. A little bit of everything to keep things fresh yet fun…because behind what is a seemingly perfect instagram post, is a gnarly morning cowlick that you can never tame.

THE AUTHOR  My name is Jackie, I reside in Montreal, Quebec.  I am a working mother of one bouncing baby boy who keeps me busy and laughing and grateful for every day.17492415_10155999009587995_2645421286286737768_o

I was a vegetarian for 14 years before turning vegan 4 years ago.  I am committed to not only eating vegan, but working to become as conscious as possible with all products to ensure that we remain compassionate to our animal friends and as friendly to our planet as possible. I am an A-licensed skydiver, so my life isn’t all about changing diapers, wallpaper and scanning products ingredients! I hope to share some of what I have learned with others while keeping it light and fun.

– J