DIY: No-Maintenance Succulent Box

I’ve been searching high and low for a cute succulent planter but haven’t been able to find one.  I decided to try to find an artificial one and found two things: they either look super fake or are insanely expensive. So, I decided to stop hunting and make my own!


I bought all of the artifical succulents from Michaels (box and foam insert too), and arranged them in a natural fashion – not too even, of different sizes and colors. You can buy a circular metal planter and make a centerpiece, or a rectangular box to sit on a windowsill or mantle. I found that the artificial succulents at Michaels looked the most realistic – even the large Hens and Chicks have texture to the leaves which makes them look that much more real. The entire project cost me less than $80. Bonus: you won’t have to remember to water these!

The box was a natural wood and I wanted it a bit lighter to go with the white decor. I quickly painted each side of the box with white interior paint, and half wiped it off with a rag while it was still wet.

Get creative – lets see what you come up with!

One thought on “DIY: No-Maintenance Succulent Box

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