Make the Most out of your Wardrobe: Capsule Staples

Like everyone, I am always happy when I find an awesome clothing item on sale or when I can put an amazing outfit together without needing to buy anything new. As a Mom on maternity leave, it is important to live on a budget in order to keep from living on a diet of ramen noodles and make sure your baby has (clean) diapers. Even not being on leave, everyone should try to make the most of what they already have – save your money for a great purse or for a trip to the Carribean that you really need because you havent been on a trip in years and you need to relax because you’re a ball of stress and…well, you get it.

Photo: Hello Fashion Blog – Follow on IG: @hellofashionblog

Here are 5 items you should have within your wardrobe. Building upon these staple items, you can  easily build out dozen of outfits, or a capsule wardrobe. What’s a capsule, you ask?  It’s when you have several outfits  to wear from only a handful of items. Here’s how:

A classic pair of high heels will never, ever go out of style.  Look for a heel that isn’t “trendy” per se – plain black or nude stilettos with a (somewhat) reasonable height heel. Pumps too can be dressed “down” or (obviously) dressed up.  To incorporate pumps into a more casual outfit, wear with a pair of loose-fitting elastic ankle pants and a pretty tank or camisole like Erica at Fashioned Chic. Follow her on IG @fashionedchicstyling for tons and tons of amazing outfits like this one.

1-090A3673-vert-1.jpgPhoto: Fashioned Chic

Jeans, jeans jeans!
Everyone has a good pair of slim (not skinny, not too relaxed) jeans.  If you don’t, you should consider investing in a pair. If you want to maximize the “wearability” of your jeans, the wash should be regular or dark(er) as they can be dressed down, or dressed up better than a light wash. To dress them up, wear your jeans with a pair of stilettos or roll them up with a stacked heel.  Wear with a cute camisole and a long, pendant necklace. For a casual look, pair your jeans with some Chucks and a loose fitting white tee (also an essential – an inexpensive one!). Optional: Finish the look with a ball cap and shades.

Photo: Hello Fashion Blog

Athletic Pants
Not only do they make your butt look fabulous, but athletic wear is now more socially acceptable than ever. You can wear them to lounge around the house, go to yoga, or out to Sunday brunch with the crew. Get a pair in black so that you can maximize what you can wear them with. For a cute Sunday brunch outfit, wear with an off the shoulder sweater, your Nike Air Max and your favorite Scrunchie. That’s right, Scrunchie. They’re back in full force. I like this one.

s17_03_a06_62662_1274_on_fTNA Atmosphere Pant, $65, Aritzia

Leather (vegan!) Moto Jacket
You will get years and years of wear out of a little leather moto jacket – they literally haven’t gone out of style in decades. In order for your jacket to stand the test of time, make sure it isn’t adorned with embroidery or patches as those tend to be more seasonal with trends. Go for a vegan leather jacket in a neutral or black. You’ll be able to wear a moto jacket from Spring, through the cool Summer nights into Fall. For the cooler days, wear with a light, brightly-colored scarf.

1596466_256770Black vegan leather jacket, $69,

Cable Knit Sweater
There are several different types of cable knits out there. Whether its a button-up, longline or cropped, pick one that you feel most comfortable in.  Cable knits are versatile as they can be thrown over a tank and paired with jeans for an easy casual outfit, but can also be sassed up a bit by layering. Wear a crisp, button down collared shirt under your cable knit with a chunky necklace. Again, another multi-outfit wardrobe staple (and wear your leather jacket on top when its cool!). See where this is going?

Cable Knit Sweater, Banana Republic, $54.97

Now that you’ve gotten a crash course of how to maximize your wardrobe, go have a look in your closet and think outside the box – pair items that you wouldn’t normally wear together. All in all, if you want to overhaul your wardrobe without spending a fortune, think about these 5 multi-wear essentials and then build outfits from what you already have.  You’d be surprised at how many additional outfits you’ll be able to put together.

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