Awesome Vegan Bags for Summer

There are so many amazing, fun bags out there for every occasion this season. I’m loving the white, taupe and light pastels for bags this Summer…not only because they are super cute, but because the neutral hues allow the purses to be worn with a variety of different outfits. Here are 5 amazing (vegan!) bags that you will want to add to your roster for this Summer.

The Backback

Who would have thought that backpacks would come back as a closet essential? Not only is this bag handy and leaves both arms free for you to wrangle your toddler or crazy dog, but it is extremely pretty with its clean lines. Mumbai Backback, Matt & Nat, $145 CAD


2017-05-15 20_31_00-Christophe Bags Fringe Tassels Clutch - INTERMIX®
The Clutch

When you just need a few cards, gum and your phone. This season is all about tassels and this clutch certainly has ’em.  Who needs jewelry when you can use this clutch as an accessory to dress up a black maxi dress or a navy jumpsuit.  Fringe Tassels Clutch, Christophe Bags, $368CAD


2017-05-15 20_32_14-4608204410_1_1_1.jpg (560×694)
The Crossbody

The Crossbody is awesome for those who are always on the go. On bikes. In the metro. Running errands. This purse fits the essentials and leaves you hands-free so you can use both your hands to yell at the pedestrian that walked out in front of you on your bike (pro tip: don’t yell at strangers and don’t cut off cyclists).  Two Tone Crossbody, Zara, $29.90CAD

The Straw Bag
This bag is not only fun but I can guarantee will last you years in terms of staying in style.  Pull out a picture of your Mom on the beach from before you were born. Ten bucks says she has a super cool straw bag that you wish you had.  This one is like that, but with a bit more sass. Raffia Tote,  Banana Republic, $124CAD


2017-05-15 20_32_39-Farkleberry Light Pink Women's Totes _ ALDO Canada

The Throw-Everything-in-Here-and-let’s-Go Tote
I’m a Mom so my purse is a mess – so I throw everything in a big tote. My only saving grace with totes is a purse sorter (bonus – see below!) to keep everything organized. This tote is ultra pretty outside so nobody needs to know its a disaster inside.  No one will ever know you have a rogue sock, loose change, starburst and a lint-y lip balm rolling around at the bottom of this bag. Farkleberry Tote, Aldo, $60CAD

2017-05-15 20_50_11-Amazon.com_ Holly LifePro Two-Side Use Handbag Organizer With YKK Zipper_ Clothi.jpg

If you have a larger bag, do your sanity (and the person behind you at the checkout line) a favor, and pick one of these up. Holly Lifepro Bag Organizer. Totally worth the $20.

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