Rule #1 of Fashion Blogging

The steadfast rule of fashion blogging: You need to take your pictures as soon as possible and get them online pronto! Things tend to go out of stock fairly quickly online for some retailers, so if your readers want to nab your look, you have to sometimes rush to get it up right away…

image2 (1)

I waited too long with this outfit.

In between calling a million daycares for my son, filling out paperwork, getting ready for a move, getting a new car and gearing up to go back to work in July, I simply waited too long to have pictures taken for this outfit – lesson learned.  I figured I would still post a quick picture of the outfit itself because I think its a timeless one.

When putting outfits together, I always try to buy pieces that will wear well with other items in my closet. In this case, the shirt can be paired with a blazer for work or with boyfriend jeans and stacked heels for a weekend look. This whole outfit was under $100! These jeans, believe it or not, I found at Costco here in Canada for under $30. The wedges are from Forever21 and the shirt, necklace and statement earrings are from H&M.

image1 (5)



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