5 Parenting Hacks You Must Know

Raising a child is a ton of work (albeit filled with poo but rewarding) and I found that, while I am no pro, if I could make my life easier even in the slightest, it felt like a major win. I’m not a huge fan of the word “hack”, but for a lack of a better word, these 5 tips will make your life a lot easier, save you money, and make you feel like a boss parent.

5. Before baby arrives, put together a handy caddy. Once baby arrives, you’ll be living in your family room for the first week or two.  It’s particularly handy to have a basket on your coffee table with the necessities – stock it full of nipple cream, power bars, essential oils (for a shoulder rub from your awesome partner), bottles of water, vitamin D drops (if you are nursing), pacifiers, hair elastics and whatever else you can think of. This little caddy has all sorts of pockets and handles, so you can tote it around the house with you. Trend Lab Caddy, $38CAD

4. Yoga Ball for baby. My neighbor gave us this pro tip for the first few “survival” weeks when you need to rock baby to sleep. Instead of rocking baby to sleep, you or your partner cradle your little bundley, sit on the yoga ball and gently bounce until baby falls asleep.  Then place baby in crib/bassinet, watch baby wake up as soon as they touch the mattress. Repeat. Added bonus: you’ll work your core into shape in no time!

3. Knot up a tank top you’ve slept in.  Tie your well-worn shirt (gross to us, deelish to baby) into a few knots and place in bassinet/crib with baby. Be very sure to place it far, far away from baby to avoid any suffocation risks.  Babies have an amazing sense of smell and being able to smell Mom while they sleep can prove to be extremely soothing. This tip should only be done with babies who are swaddled and can’t reach out and grab the shirt.  (Note that the AAP  recommends that nothing should be in bassinet or crib with baby until a year of age).

2. Sign up for Amazon Prime (the $10.99 will literally pay for itself). Then sign up for Amazon Family.  Signing up for the latter will save you 20% on diaper subscriptions. Yes, subscriptions.  You can sign up to have your diapers,  wipes, diaper genie refills, etc., delivered every month right to your door. When you haven’t showered in 5 days and resemble a day-fearing gremlin, deliveries are greatly welcomed.

1. Pictures. This one is two-fold: If you have a Costco membership (which you should now, you’re a parent), you can have all of your pictures printed out at their photo counter.  You can upload your pictures directly to the Costco app or to their Photo Centre. Their pictures are great quality and SUPER inexpensive.  They also do beautiful canvases which make great gifts.

Secondly, I know you’ve heard it a million times but take SO many of them.  Not only should you be taking a billion photos of your partner and your new bundle, but ask your partner to take ones of you or let your partner take pictures of you even if you aren’t showered.  Even if you have a gross, inflamed zit on your chin.  Even if you haven’t slept in 16 hours.  These days go by in the blink of an eye and you will want to remember every single moment – even the ones you think you won’t want to remember, trust me, you will certainly cherish those too one day. 🙂

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