Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Since Father’s Day is around the corner and, like me, chances are you are scrambling to find your Baby Daddy, Father, Grandfather, Step-Poppa (you get the idea) an awesome present that isn’t a gift certificate to Home Depot.  While we would still be writing up this post by Father’s Day if we were to cover every type of Dad, we have your ultimate gift guide for 5 types of Dads covered.

fathers day

The Masterchef Father

If you are have a partner who is an ace in the kitchen, he will love nothing more than a fine knife to continue to hone his knife skills. The Shibata Koetsu is a hand-forged powdered steel knife that retains its sharp blade longer than traditional steel knives. Shibata Koetsu Chef Knife, $290 USD


The Romantic Father

Enjoys evenings on the couch, a fine wine or a nice Old Fashioned in hand.  Isn’t shy to agree with you that Ryan Reynolds is hot.

Scented candles are not just for ladies anymore – there are a plethora of delicious-smelling candles out there that aren’t all about Roses or Vanilla. The Bourbon Pop candle  ($42USD) by Jonathan Adler smells like the fresh outdoors/leather briefcase/a snifter of cognac. The verdict? Manly romance.


The Active Father

Activity trackers are all the rage right now, and with so many out there its hard to pick one.  Some have a lot of bells and whistles, some are just too dainty.  This one is just right. The Misfit Shine is great for everyday wear, lasts 4 months on a single battery, has a stylish sharp design and is fully waterproof. Misfit Shine, $55.99USD

The Trendy Father

Behind every good man…is a well-fitting blazer. Every man who knows style certainly appreciates a solid blazer.  With Summer around the corner, this cotton-linen blend blazer won’t have Dad sweating bullets mid-July. Unstructured Ludlow cotton-linen blazer, J Crew $220 CAD


The Gadget-Obsessed Father

File this one under cool Bond-Style gadgets. Not only will Dad look sharp with these cufflinks, but his cool-nerd rating will increase by 150% when his colleagues learn that his sharp cufflinks are dual-purpose. 4G USB Cufflinks, Brookstone, $49.99



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