10 Essential Products for the New Parent

With the baby product market to reach a mere 121 Billion by 2025, where does a new mother or father start?  With many cool baby products out there, it can be overwhelming to even think about creating your registry. We break down (what we have found) our top ten must-haves for the first (or second) time parent will want to consider for their 0-12 month old child.

1. Evenflo Jam Session Jump and Learn
This one is an obvious one.  Many seasoned Moms and Dads coin it as the Circle of Neglect. Really though, it can provide the baby with great exercise – but time within the toy should be limited as per the manufacturer’s specifications.  We found the ones that allow the infant to actually jump are the most engaging.  Evenflo‘s Jam Session has many different toys and music to keep your little one happy and entertained. Evenflo Jam Session Jump & Learn, $90.42USD


2. Monkey Mat
If you have a Summer baby or are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, you will be spending many afternoons outside with your little one.  This waterproof, weighted mat is extremely portable, won’t blow away in the wind and can be used for a day out with your baby or on a picnic with your partner (for that well-deserved glass of wine under a shaded tree…sigh). Comes in 5 colors. Monkey Mat, $19.99USD
monkey mat

3. Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat
This foldable chair helps your little one sit up when they aren’t quite capable of doing it independently. The fabric is easy to remove and can be thrown in the wash.  We used this up until our little guy was 5 months – he was so proud to sit up like everyone else! Available on Walmart and on Amazon in different patterns. Fisher Price sit Me Up Floor Chair, $49.97CAD

sit me up

4. Oogiebear
So, this funny contraption is for boogers. Yup.  Without getting too descriptive, your little one has teeny tiny nostrils and getting those boogers out can prove to be difficult sometimes or downright bothersome for your little bean. The Oogiebear is designed so that it doesn’t go too far into the nose and cause any damage. This is such a smart little product! Oogiebear, $12.99USD


5. SwaddleMe Pods
When you wake up in the middle of the night for the 4th time, the very last thing you want to do is fold, wrap, fold, wrap…until your baby is in a swaddle that they will only break out of 5 minutes later (which they will certainly let you know that they have done). The SwaddleMe Pods are exactly what they sound like – a soft, cotton pod with a zipper to give baby the comfort of a womb-like feeling.  We bought a few of these – we highly reccommend – they were lifesavers.  Summer Infant SwaddleMe Pods, 2pk $24.99USD


6. Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space
This toy will grow with your little one. It is touch sensitive, lights up and has several different settings to keep your child entertained.  It can be used from the point when the child can sit independently – all the way through to when the child can use it to pull himself up to stand. Fisher Price Bright Beats Smart Touch, $49.98CAD


7. Matt and Nat Vegan Leather Diaper Bag
Gone are the days where diaper bags were ugly, boring, utilitarian bags.  Matt and Nat has come out with a line of beautiful bags that have multiple compartments for your baby’s toys, diapers, wipes, you name it. Tucked neatly inside is a change pad, so you can change your baby anywhere and protect their little booty. This bag can be used long after baby is out of diapers, and can be used by both Mom and Dad. Comes in 5 stylish colors. Matt & Nat Raylan Med Diaper Bag,  $195.00CAD

8. Portable Spoons
Once your little one is on solids, chances are they will eat a puree pouch or two (I know, you have every intention of making your purees from scratch…but humor me, and keep this in mind). These spoons screw right onto the package and allow you to squirt the puree onto the spoon for easy on-the-go feeding. President’s Choice Food Pouch Spoons (can be purchased in Store)

9. Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine
We tried 2 or 3 white noise machines with our little guy before settling on this one.  If we had read the reviews from the get-go, we would have saved ourselves some serious cash. The Dohm white noise machine is a little contained fan that makes a soft wooooosh, instead of a staticky, digital sound that loops over and over. It has two speed settings and the fan can be adjusted to allow more air in (for more noise) or less air in (for less noise). It really does work to block out any background noise…must be the reason that it has been around for over 50 years. Marpac Dohn Sound Machine, $69.99 CAD
10. Lovey
Once our son was able to self soothe and put himself to sleep, we gave him a lovey in order for him to have a familiar transitional object to cue him that it is nap or bedtime.  We found it helps to take the lovey, and rub it on Mom so it can pick up her scent before giving to baby. Our little guy fell in love with the elephant lovey in particular since he can chew/suck on the nose. We bought 3 of them so we can rotate as they can get pretty funky after a day or two. This one is made of lightweight muslin cotton, is ultra soft against baby’s sensitive skin and isn’t large enough to be a suffocation hazard.  Please note the AAP recommends that nothing should be in the crib with baby until 1 year of age.  Comes in different animals and colors. Aden + Anais Classic Musy Mate Lovey, $24.95USD

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